Meet Our Team Leaders


Chuck Nolan

I have been president and Co-founder of the We Care Foundation of Arizona for 19 years, a couple of friends and I started this charity to help our neighbors in need during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday times. We have assisted over 1000 families with food, clothing, and educational toys and we are expanding our reach to assist teachers and more students than ever. This is possible because of the success we are experiencing with our fundraiser programs. I am truly blessed to have an active and involved board as well as our membership which goes to prove that many hands make light work.

On the home front I have been married to my wife Janet for 49 years, we have 3 daughters, 10 grandchildren, and 6 great grandchildren. My wife and I are both retired though the We Care keeps me hopping throughout the year. On a side note, my daughters and several grandchildren have become active in We Care and are an integral part of our success.

I would like to urge everyone to find a cause/charity you believe in and support them with your volunteering, there is no shortage of neighbors in need.


Candy Nolan

My name is Candy Nolan Hines and I’m Secretary of the We Care Foundation of Arizona. Since 2007 I’ve been working for American Express where I’m currently the Director of Workforce Planning for Global Talent Acquisition. With five children and six grandchildren, I understand the importance of having a strong support structure surrounding you as you navigate the ups and downs of life.  As daughter of the Foundation’s President, I’m blessed to have a family that cares for one another deeply and believes strongly in helping others. Whether it’s supporting financially or giving time volunteering, you can always find the We Care Foundation of Arizona members giving back to our local communities with a smile and a compassionate heart.


Tammy Tobin

I am Tammy Tobin, the Vice President of We Care.  For over 20 years, my day job has been working as a technology professional & I am currently doing that with American Express.  I have a wonderful husband Peter, a very active teenage son Will, and two doggies Marshmallow & Zelda.
My son is a super dedicated soccer player – so most of my spare time is spent on “the pitch” cheering for him & his team during practice & especially games!    Outside of that, I enjoy spending time cooking, golfing, traveling, & spending time with my dear friends & family.
I love the We Care Foundation because seeing us making such an amazing impact on the children in our local community over the years truly warms my heart!  I also really enjoy spending time with all of the members of the We Care Family as it is filled with so many kind & generous people.  In fact, I have been blessed to make some very dear, life-long friendships with this amazing group of people!


Lou Schmit

I am Lou Schmitt, the Treasurer of We Care.  I have more than 45 years of experience in the financial and operational aspects of diverse companies.  One of the companies I served was Junior Achievement where this not-for-profit provided educational opportunities for children.  I am retired now except for my duties for We Care which include keeping the books, completing financial reports for the state, filing our federal tax return and providing financial advice to the Board of Directors.


I enjoy being with my family of three daughters, three son-in-laws, three grandchildren and Ginny my wife of 53 years.  I also enjoy golf and virtually all spectator sports.


Ginny and I are blessed to be part of the WE CARE family because we HELP KIDS.  We work with underfunded schools to help create a better educational environment for kids and we provide meals and gifts around the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.  There is nothing like the smiles on the faces of these kids and parents.


Bill Favorite

I moved to Arizona from Ohio in 1989. I attended the University of Cincinnati, Ohio Northern University, and The Ohio State University

I've owned and operated Favorite Systems, Inc a long-haul trucking and consulting business since 1978 I first became aware of the We Care Foundation about ten years ago. I happened to be at The Moon Valley Grill on a Saturday and overheard their meeting that was taking place. They were discussing an upcoming golf tournament. I realized the organization was something that I would like to be a part of. Since then, I have worn several hats. From warehousing and transporting the golf tournament equipment, to Sargent of Arms, to Board of Directors, to co-chairing the Golf Tournament. I've been one of the Santas for the Head Start program and our Christmas Family Program. The most personally fulfilling position has been the liaison to the William Sullivan School. To see the smiling faces of the teachers and students has been very humbling. And for that, I thank the We Care Foundation of Arizona.


Reach out to us today about for more information about events, becoming a sponsor, and to learn more about how to become a volunteer of the  We Care organization.